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IWAI, Toshiya (Professor & Department head)

Information technology has rapidly developed in this last decade and consequently gcomputersh prevailed deeply into our society. Computers can outperform humans in processing a set of routine works, however, they cannot think themselves. No matter how the information technology is developed, only humans can empower the computers with various abilities. They need to be designed by human thoughts.
      IT engineers should deal with ginformationh which is invisible and intangible for us. Therefore, we need the IT engineers who can gain the skill of logical thinking to precisely analyze problems and the practical ability to fully apply expert knowledge and technologies. Our department has a wide program to study the expert knowledge and technologies from the basics through applied courses based on gDevelopment of human resources who possess rich humanity with logical thinking and practical abilityh.
      In particular, our department offers personalized education system such as small class and achievement-level based training for the subjects with regards to fundamental programming. Many classes involve design exercises and provide rich environment to improve engineering design skills. Staffs in this department are always challenging new stream of education by sharing perspectives with students and individually leading our students in computer science.

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