The Department of Computer Science focuses on technologies relating to the design and application of computers, which play a central role in our advanced information society. The department aims to accomplish the following:
  1. To train first-rate computer engineers possessing broad practical knowledge and understanding;
  2. To contribute to the systematization of computer science;
  3. To contribute to the enhancement of the technological capabilities of the community, centering on the Koriyama technopolis.
The means by which the department accomplishes these goals are as follows:
  1. Education in the fundamentals of computer science through basic coursework in information science, as well as through experimentation and actual practice.
  2. Specialized education through elective coursework in information science, and experimentation and practice with the newest computer systems.
  3. Education of the whole person, incorporating the dynamic melding of general and specialized coursework, taking advantage of our status as an all-around university having a spacious campus and a variety of club activities.
Areas of investigation include a variety of topics: research related to hardware such as parallel computers; software research such as that relating to specification descriptions; information-systems research such as that relating to voice- and image-processing and computer-supported cooperative work; application-technology research such as that relating to computer-simulation and automated-design methodologies; and research into computer-related mathematics such as numerical analysis. The facilities supporting this education and research include supercomputers, high-performance image-processing workstations, Unix workstations, and X-window terminals -- all running on local area networks.
[From "Nihon University Bulletin"]